Cricket Rain Covers
Cricket Rain Covers

Price : $ 999.00
Price : $


  • Simply the lightest, strongest and only proven breathable flat sheet rain cover on the market
  • Can be left on for much longer periods without harming the grass plant
  • As used at many schools and league clubs.
  • Can be manufactured to any size
  • Lightweight
  • lower operational costs
  • less labor required for handling and use
  • increased practicality & easier to use
  • safer to use and handle
  • Translucent
  • healthier plant when covered
  • cover can stay on for long periods
  • Breathable
  • good air circulation & reduces ‘sweating’
  • less susceptible to disease
  • Strength
  • guarantees on handles eyelets & seams
  • reduced chance of tearing/ripping

25m Rolls