ML Pro Cricket Netting
ML Pro Cricket Netting

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Complete Cricket Cage - Includes Poles & One Piece Net With Roof

Aesthetically acceptable cricket net. This is high quality & thoughtfully designed cricket net, which is a vast improvement on the alternative garden cricket nets currently available

The ML Pro Cricket Net' is 10' Wide x 9' High and 50' long.

  • One piece net drop-in net with roof
  • Net is 2mm HDPE, with 48mm mesh (green)
  • Poles with ground spikes. Cricket poles can be dismantle into 4 sections for storage.
  • Poles are 40mm steel. 8" Flared Ground Spike. Powder coated Green.
  • Guy cords are PVC coated steel
  • Ground pegs are 8" plated steel
  • The 50' version has a reduced roof length to prevent balls going on roof after being bowled

    A cricket net engineered for serious cricket, designed with home use in mind!