ML Pro Landscape turf
ML Pro Landscape turf
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ML Pro Landscaping Turf is a great turf and is best used for lawn replacement. This unpadded artificial turf style is low maintenance, durable, drainable, and can stand up to any weather conditions. This turf holds it's color well, and looks great all year!
- One of our higher-quality grass-like, landscape products.
- If you need a premium artificial turf for your home or office, Lavish is the perfect solution.
- You may want to use 1/2 to 1 lb. of infill per square foot of Lavish turf to get the desired artificial turf look.
- Low maintenance durable turf.
- Excellent choice for lawn replacement.
- No more mowing your lawn.
- No need for fertilizers to keep your grass looking green. This is an environmentally-friendly product.
- Lavish Artificial turf is manufactured to withstand the rigors of daily use and high traffic.
- Artificial turf will keep green all year round in any weather.
- Save lots on money of water bill, water use and time needed to water.

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