ML Pro Padded Artificial Turf
ML Pro Padded Artificial Turf
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Artificial Turf ML Pro Padded - Carpet Type ML Pro Padded is another quality artificial turf recommended for indoor use. Since 2010, we have provided artificial turf for every project you can imagine. This turf has multiple uses - batting cages, indoor sport facilities, exercise centers, pet areas and many other commercial turf applications. Turf includes a 5mm foam padding and does not use infill.

Why use ML PRO Padded Artificial Turf?
- Artificial turf is good for the environment. No need to cut it or use lawn equipment with gasoline engines.
- ML Pro Padded Artificial Turf is manufactured to be durable to stay long lasting.
- Artificial turf uses much less maintenance than real grass.
- Synthetic turf keeps your field, facility or business location clean, fresh, and green all year round.
- ML Pro Padded Artificial turf resists heavy use, especially in high traffic areas
- Artificial turf saves money on water bills.We believe it is smart to do artificial turf comparison shopping online to get the best products. Take a look around our web site, you will not only find great prices for ML Pro padded artificial turf, but also excellent customer service!

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