Paceman Pro Bowling Machine
Paceman Pro Bowling Machine

Price : $ 1299.00
Price : $

The Paceman Pro Bowling Machine offers the following features:

  • Variable Bowling Speed (Over 100KPH)
  • Adjustable for Full and Short Pitch Deliveries
  • Automatic Ball feeder included
  • Easy to assemble, put away & store
  • Can produce inswing, outswing, offspin and legspin deliveries
  • This model can be used with hard balls, soft balls and junior balls
  • Solid Metal Construction with a tough DC Motor

With speeds of up to 60mph it is the perfect way to practise or receive cricket coaching for children. With a highly accurate delivering tool the machines can also generate swing on the ball allowing junior and senior cricketers alike the opportunity to practise what they may encounter out in the middle.

We also retail Cricket balls to be used with the Paceman Bowling Machine.